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German Street Food. Mouth-watering sausage doused in an unusually delectable curry-ketchup sauce. It is a national obsession.
It’s called Currywurst and once you taste it you will never forget it. I never did!
Traditional German cuisine has been around for a while, with a nostalgic reputation for heavy sauced meals. However, these days it is all the rage, with new hip German eateries popping up like mushrooms on a warm, misty autumn day.
As one of those Germans, growing up in Europe I was exposed to great street food from an early age. Sausages were always my personal favorite, available on almost every street corner. There were grilled ones and fried ones, perfectly and precisely aligned one by one on the griddle.
After moving to Los Angeles two decades ago, I founded a successful upscale catering and event design business. . More and more Angelenos however now need to tighten their belts (some even by a few notches), and are looking for faster and less expensive solutions to satisfy their appetites.

The days of formal and luxurious restaurants are going the way of Foie Gras... you can find it, but you will be paying a high premium. While I continue to cater events for my clients, the Currywurst of my childhood haunted me, and for 20 years I wanted to bring it to Los Angeles.
As an overly compulsive person, I suppose I was attracted as a child to the sausages that were so perfectly gathered on the painstakingly clean flattop. The quest to make hip German street food popular in the States has begun!
Last year I finally decided it was time for its American debut. I opened Authentic German Currywurst of Los Angeles!
Currywurst, the namesake of the dish is so popular in Germany that I am sure you would have a hard time finding a single person who would not know what you are talking about. An average of 800 Million servings of Currywurst are being consumed in Germany every Year!
For the less adventurous, try the classic Bratwurst, homemade mustard and sauerkraut, grilled onions and fantastic fries.
109 North Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 across from CBS Television City and the Grove

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